a quick hello and a w'zup from summer vacation.


for the endorphinators...

turns out i got the wrong kind of endorphinate.

i got the endorphinate PR...

the PR stands for pain relief and it's got the guarana aka caffeine that is ok in the AM but at 1:30 in the morning is not where it's at.

so at 5:41 AM (still awake) i googled endorphinate and realized that i needed the endorphinate AR....


which stands for ANXIETY RELIEF.



i ordered it and it should be here in a few days.




we need to talk about kevin.





we need to talk about you not watching this movie ever.


i was under the assumption that this movie was a thriller, a horror movie.


it is not.


it is a slit your wrists kind of why in the fuck did i watch this shit not good time.

don't be fooled by that fun little cannes label..that was given by someone who doesn't have children.

and it's not earth shattering.

the times is dumb.



 that's all for now.