blog drama

every once in a while people who have never read my blog come by for a visit..

and clearly get lost in translation.


in a way it frustrates me bc i sooo am not an asshole, if you know me.

so there is a part of me that feels the need to defend myself.


but the other part of me is ferociously entertained by the nastiness that comes out of people's mouths, flung in my direction.


in any case...

my previous comment to barbara miller was meant in jest.

and not in the "her-italian-cooking-is-like-the-olive-garden" teresa guidice kind of jest.

that was just an underhanded jab.

this was more of a comment on the competition side of things..

not directed at barbara miller personally.


i mean it's not like i called her a "retarded asshole" or anything..



none of this matters bc barbara miller is SPANKING me!!!



turns out barbara miller while not blog jesus like myself is a total diy jesus (settle down jesus lovers)..

and she has like 4,000 diy videos on youtube

such as building recycled robots with your kids(with an actual cute kid)

and decoupage wall letters.

i can't compete with the craft movement.

people love that shit.

and i HATE that shit.

so we are destined to be true competitors.

polar opposites.

fox news/abc news.


as for the negative comments about me??

honestly i don't give a shit about that.

i really don't.

people will love you or they will hate you or they will be indifferent toward you.

i can't control that.

nor do i want to.


but i want to offer a public apology to barbara miller.

i do not think she is a bitch.

but she DID appear out of nowhere.

i mean she wasn't even ON the list!!

so YES, SUPER sneaky.



i sure could use your votes.

because now it is essentially me against the craft movement.

which is like the fellowship against sauron's army. 

it will take a wizard's staff, some sexy elves, a trusty sidekick, and viggo mortensen's hotness to defeat this balrog, one ring


craft jesus.