fun times

about once a year i get a call for an audition (i get auditions more than once a year, duh, but not of this caliber)

where the stakes are like, RIDICULOUSLY HIGH.

and i've been doing this for a long time so... 

a. i am grateful that i get auditions of this caliber bc even people in LA with good agents don't get auditions of this caliber.


b. the parts are always big enough that 300% of the time there are bigger name actresses who would KILL to play the role and someone with my resume would most likely lose out to the elizabeth banks's and the entire female cast of game of thrones.


 i know what some of you are thinking.

"for the love of oprah! don't think that way jenny...blah blah blah.."

but anyone out there who is in this business (speak up those of you) will tell you that it goes beyond just being talented enough.  there are so many politics involved that often times even the director has very little say in the casting.


we hard working nobodies are losing roles all the time to bigger names.

even A list movie stars are taking smaller roles these days..

it's just a fact and i am ok with it.

no...i am not ok with it but i have learned to accept it as part of the job.

so i go in and i give the best audition i can and then i say to myself that i would be the luckiest mother fucker in the world if i got the part and then i move on and forget about it and go back to blogging about design and eating entire bags of potato chips .

and you all will do the same.


all that to say that i am still SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS!!!


ok so i got an email from my agents on monday for a film audition..

i noticed that it's being directed by atom egoyan (awesome he is amazing. educate yourself).

and then i noticed he will be in the room.

not scary at all. (so scary)

think being on an airplane and running off bc you are afraid and multiply that by a million.

it's exhilarating though and i actually love this kind of fear.

go figure.



so i am reading the sides (my part in the script) and it's really good.

the part is that of a waitress, pretty and sweet.

who obvioulsy has a thing for the lead guy.

he is older than she, but not by much...


the story itself is about the west memphis 3.

a group of teens charged with murdering some boys.

so this lead guy is defending the alleged murderers and i think (hard to know without reading the whole script) he feels turmoil about it and this waitress who has come to know him bc he comes into the restaurant every day has been following the story and she sort of feels for him and falls in love with him.

he is oblivious to her feelings bc she is shy about it but in this scene she makes a move.

it's subtle and endearing and she would pretty much do anything for him.

he finally takes notice and they share a very intimate moment.

there are fingers in hair ya'll.

mine in his.

meow mix.

it's SUCH a great scene.



ok so at this point i'm like...who has signed on to this project?

specifically the actor in this scene..


i go to imdb to check..

and it's fucking colin firth.






wrap your head around that for a second.





mr. darcy.



so yeah..

stakes. rasied.



i am off to study my lines and put on my adult diaper.


i'll report back tomorrow.


let's hope i don't do this.