back to blogging about pretty things..

my audition went well.

i was in and out and was given "that was a lovely read" in reward for no less than 6 poops pre-audition.

these things are often so strange.

i have been in many auditions and they are all totally different.

this one was quiet and subdued.

no direction.

just read it and you're done.

i'm not complaining.

it is what it is.

it was a good read.

it could have been better.

it ALWAYS could be better.

it's frightfully hard to play a part not knowing the outcome of your character in under a minute.

and you don't know what they want and you try hard to ignore that little voice in your head that just wants to WIN! and instead just experience it and BE the person you believe she should be and not give a shit about what anyone else wants...i spend a good deal of time breaking down the character and i think i am good at it.

but at the end of the day it SO DOES NOT MATTER!

at least not in the audition.

and then there are the nerves..

i can get up in front of hundreds of people and show my ass and not think twice about it but something about the audition process kills my soul...


for those of you who don't know what it's like to audition i would equate it to something like a K hole..

the state of mind caused by taking large amounts of ketamine. the user becomes trapped in state of detatchment from their physical presence; the user can think about moving their arm, and will then see an arm moving in front of them, but the link between the thought and the moving arm does not register.

sort of like that.

it's not my favorite part of acting but it's part of it none the less.

should anything come of it you will surely be the first to know.

moving on..
let's look at some sick houses featured in the latest vogue living australia...