4 things...because i just don't have time for 5.

i don't have much time (*half-day camp this week) so i need to get right to it...



design star.

didn't watch.

looked at the first 3 pictures and saw a kardashian then quickly lasiked my own eyeballs with knitting needles.

i figured they were probably deciding on the best place to hang a chandelier decal and that's too much for me to take on a monday.






so far i don't think it's worth a shit.




i saw moonrise kingdom yesterday and cannot recommend it enough.




i am rethinking mint walls for my bedroom.


my bedroom is dark and i fear that the mint would never look mint but instead like a hospital.





*half day camps are half assed. what the fuck am i going to accomplish from 9 AM to 12:30 PM?