we are going to look at a house.


and it's not actually terrible looking!!


ok the inside is pretty terrible looking ( thanks to MLS pictures) but thankfully it's only 40 gallons of paint away from being not terrible looking at all.


think dijon mustard trim and ketchup walls.

think beadboard cabinet fronts (top and bottom) (painted dijon mustard yellow) with mix-matched glass colored knobs.

but the bones are great and it has been well maintained.

the front looks a lot like the house up there.

 well, it could.

fairly easily.


so fingers crossed for us.


in other finger crossing news...

i have my 409th drop dead diva audition today.

let's go ahead and book it this time, k?




also, have any of you been watching girls on hbo?

you should be.

it's fantastic.



thanks for snatching up my paintings so fast yesterday.


more monsters are coming..