new house tour part 1

i snapped some pics of the future house..

for your judgement.


cute, right?

and the white paint is pristine.

so are the shutters and i am usually not a fan of shutters.

but i think once i paint the door and change the lighting it will improve that little bit of something that makes it not the most awesome it can be.

down the road i would change the landscaping around the front but that's down down down double-dog-down the road.


that room right there is a sun room..

the side door there, where all the potted plants are opens into this room:


a cute little sunroom.

if it were me i wouldn't have this here at all.  total waste of space that i could use a million different ways..


i am considering this to be the spot i paint in...the light is awesome,  the floor is tiled and there 

is a hose right outside. 

seems perfect, except that it's where you would always enter the house from.

i mean it's not the front entrance but it's one of those situations where i think most people would enter from..

certainly where we would enter from.





the driveway needs replacing at some point.



the living room, or the room you enter into if you used the front door.

or the room no one ever uses.

i would like this room to be used and spectacular.


like this:


and this..


and this...


the only problem is it's the darkest room in the house..

so white is totally out of the question.


anyway....that's the FEEL i want his room to have.

loungey and casual and sexy, but fresh.



moving on...


the dining room.

that window into the sunroom is going to be filled up at some point.

it annoys me. and i think it looks old fashioned.

i don't know...i may change my mind.

i'd certainly have to live with it for a while.

there is another large window to the right that lets in plenty of natural light, it was just closed with shutters.


the room is a decent size...but not big by any stretch and there's a breakfast nook off the kitchen that we would use to eat in on a daily basis.

so for this room i'd like to do something like this..


have it be a library/dining room/office.


but with this feel..


and a little of this..

airy and light.

not dusty and heavy.

besides i don't have that many books.


how about a happy marriage...






there are more but your time is up.


come back tomorrow for part 2..

the kitchen, family room and master bath edition.



don't go dyin on me.