put down your food...no...i'm serious. put it down.


on sunday i was doing some laundry.

we have a laundry CLOSET.  and in that closet is a cabinet.

and on top of that cabinet was a little red cooler.

it must have been teetering on the edge because WHAAMMMO!!

that fucker fell right on my toe.




that clear skin like stuff on top of the nail is a part of a bandaid that was too stuck for me to pull off without 

searing, blinding pain.

the two little marks are pin/burn holes i made to try and drain it and relieve the pressure.

it helped slightly and for a while it felt like it was getting better.

at least the pain went away a little.


but now it's so bad i am kind of an invalid.


the redness is just bruising and blood and stuff.

no infection as i have been dumping hydrogen peroxide and neosporin on it.

is it broken?


what else can i do besides elevate and ice?


who wants to suck on it?