vinyl is not the devil's fabric.



i am picking up these craigslist chairs tomorrow..



nothing special but they were $25 for all four.


kind of a bargain.


i got them with the intention of using them in the breakfast area of the new house.

which seems stupid as hell when the house isn't even ours yet.

but it would have been equally as stupid to pass up 4 perfectly good chairs for only $25 bucks.


so many of you understand this logic and i am grateful for that.


i made the mistake of upholstering some chippendale chairs in a fancy fabric to use as everyday dining chairs and 1 year later they look like asspoop.

so this time around i am doing something i can wipe up with ease.


vinyl bitches!!!


and you get to help me choose!


here are the front runners...


kelly green


sunny yellow



moody blue



ocean blue




smooth creamy ostrich



bumpy white ostrich


here's what i DO know...

i am ordering samples to make sure the colors in person don't look stupid.

and i am not actually choosing anything until i know if we're actually moving into said house and then not until i pick the overall breakfast area direction..

i.e. wall color or wall paper?


i know i want this somewhere...


and i think it has to go in a small area like a breakfast area or a powder room.

not because it's not right for bigger spaces..

but because i couldn't afford more than one roll.


 it might be my favorite wallpaper of all time.

please don't let it become cole and sons woods please don't let it become cole and sons woods please don't let it become cole and sons woods.


all thoughts welcome.


happy monday everyone!!