i wonder if you counted up all the blog posts in all of blogland with the title 'loving'...

i'll bet you would run out of space in your brain for counting.



an artist loft.

with massively good light.



a dark corner.



a pool that pees on you.



a wall of shells.



dark green walls in the bedroom.

the fact that they're lacquered doesn't hurt.


or covered in green fabric.



and finally...


if you had told me that i would like yellow knotty puke pine panelling i'd have laughed in your face.

but you have to admit this is kind of groovy.


now...would i choose it?


but let's say you have a cabin or something somewhere...and it's all over the walls and floors...

and let's say your husband or boyfriend or butchy girlfriend is all..

"you can't paint over wood like that woman!!"

and let's THEN say that you don't put up a good fight to have your way..

at least you know that it is possible to make that shit look pretty good and like you meant to have it all along.



mcalpine made it work.

in fact he prolly chose it.

granted this wood isn't yellow orange puke, it's actually pretty.

but it's still wood panelling.



big gulps huh?


see ya later.