this is what i did. try not to fall asleep.

in the face of a possible move*

i decided to unload a lot of shit in my house.

i just want to be rid of things that i never use.

like the 37 coffee cups in the cabinet to the left of my fridge.

or the 12,000 plastic kid plates and cups that are not only super ugly but don't excite my 7 year old anymore.


so it was sort of a pre-move move.

my goal is to go through all the cabinets and closets by the end of the week and have it ready to go to a garage sale and/or goodwill.



look at all my hard work and supreme organization:


this is my mixing things cabinet.

there are also serving things up top..

but this is mainly where you would go to scramble some eggs, mix the things for the meatballs or mix the other things...

it is my fullest cabinet.

i actually went to ikea and bought 20 dollars worth of mixing bowls bc while i had 40hundredmillion cups i had ZERO mixing bowls.



here are the measuring and straining and steaming supplies.



me: want your own cabinet dedicated to JUST tupperware?

you: who doesn't?



goodbye all of the glasses.

the truth is i do need some nice glasses.

and all of my wine glasses but 3 were broken.

i wonder who did that?



yep.  only the white stuff stayed.

except for the blue stuff on the top which was my grandmother's.

i can't get rid of it.

i use it for cat food.

don't tell her.



the baking corner.



are you still with me?



i also got some new sheets for fiona's bed...


pea green gingham.

so wrong.


i had this idea that it would look super awesome.

temper all the girly going on with a bit of masculine.'s the wrong green.

even thought it's the right green according to the green in the headboard.

it's the wrong green according to my eyes.


what are your thoughts?



 * we might not move for a while.