hahahahhaha...just kidding (not kidding)..

i'll bet yesterday you thought i was serious with those sheets...and that post about my cabinets.

well ha ha joke's on you!!

haven't you ever heard of july 30th fool the internet day?

it's like april fools only in july and 

it exists*


you fell for it!!


i would never use peapuke green gingham sheets in any room let alone fiona's!


sheesh!  what do you take me for?

a design turd?


and that monkey business with my cabinet contents??


umm...no!  what kind of total blogging moron (with nothing to blog about)

would bore you with the inside of her cabinets?!!!!


not THIS blogging moron.   that's who!


in any case i will reveal her REAL sheets in a few days (weeks).

and they will be "plain white" or "something with a stripe".

bc that is what a smart person would do.

aka me.


 but seriously...

do you know what is NOT a joke?



sleeping with spiders.

that beast up there was crawling on my arm probably also my face while i was asleep last night.


so then i couldn't sleep bc who COULD?????!!!!!


so i laid there and thought about spiders but also how badly the bedroom needs a new wall color (hasn't been painted in 5 years) and a headboard.

i was leaning toward a smoky navy wall color but i was like...ya know what my favorite color is?


well pink.

but also green.

deep dark mysterious green.

(not peapuke because that shit was a TOTAL joke!!)

and then i was like...

you know what would be awesome? green lacquer.


like this...




so i made a mood board.

because that's what you do.


totally pirate chic with some girly glamour thrown in.

do you hate those words as much as i do?

like putting 'chic' at the end of something not so chic makes it chic?

garbage chic.

yeast infection chic.

scab chic.



no sleep y'all.



i am 100% behind this idea and i am going to do it.


that headboard is the business, isn't it?

going to paint it creamy dove white with some gold paint accents.

it will be super glam old lady pirate chic.



fart chic,

*nothing of the sort exists.