i am too tired to type out the full word- i didn't even type that- i had someone else do it.



the picture of health and happiness.


i had this whole post written yesterday about how i was surely going through a detox.

some kind of magical sneaky detox that just shows up out of the blue,

and rids you of your body junk.


turns out it's a summer cold.


 it also turns out that i am not the most smartest.



i am drowning in my own snot and you could pack for a week long trip to capri with my eye bags.


so i will just leave it at that and with some white and gold prettiness.


because i am kind of obsessed with this (lack of) color combo lately..



room jewelry.




this suit is so cute it has the power to distract from your muffin top and/or saddlebags.

i have no idea who makes it but i am sure i cannot afford it.






i am particularly obsessed with the chandelier.



leather and gold bracelets found here.


this one is a double doozy..white and gold AND black and gold.

that stove down there looks like la cornue and it melts my face.



aaaaand....i'm done.


c u next tuesday.

just kidding..c u probably tomorrow.