thanks..internet aka opinion central


and just like a magical rainbow of love...monday is back.


thanks to the 37 or so-ish of you for your encouragement and high fives the other day.

it really is super fucking hard being a parent.

like samwise carrying a near death frodo up the base of mount doom- hard.

i think i am doing a pretty good job some of the time.

but mostly i beat myself up and lose lots of sleep....

so BIGTIME thanks, to the 6 or so-ish of you who made me feel worse about what i already feel really shitty about. 

way to go gollums!


here's the thing that i think many of you missed..

 the fact that i didn't throw my daughter down a flight of stairs (which would have been doubly hard since we don't have stairs. so i would have had to drive her to a place with stairs)  was a miracle in and of itself.

so i did WIN in that department.  bc last i checked murder was illegal.


she eventually did what i asked her to.

yes, it took forever but it was the FIRST time i kept my cool and didn't drag her to her room by her hair.


since then it hasn't taken nearly as long to get her to do what i ask.


 parenting is always a learning curve.  you learn what works and you stick to it.

you learn what doesn't and you throw it away.


since the post i have looked into magic 123..

i am always up for something new.

i like helpful tips.


i also like it when my daughter respects me.

that is my goal.





this is finally available:


ikea PS sconce.


stores only.