a trend i enjoy


 it's gingham!


i've been noticing it a LOT lately.



you may remember that i bought some gingham sheets for fiona's room.


their color gave me the finger in my face but other than that i liked them.

i saw some yellow gingham in ikea yesterday but just in duvet and pillowcase form.

why does ikea make all these awesome duvets but then shiny, solid ghetto porn sheets?

also shower curtains....all that cute and awesome fabric and then the worst shower curtains you've ever seen.





let's look at some gingham..





 i think it works best when it's done LARGE and in charge.




 this is a small dose but it works for me because everything else is spare and clean and modern looking.

the gingham adds a bit of country charm without it being KUNTRY. 



 jeffrey bilhuber uses it lots.

and i love it paired with unexpected ethnic-y fabrics.

it's all about keeping it modern and not too laura ashley.







 blue gingham 



lavender gingham.



brown gingham.


love all 3 of those.


what about you?

how would you use it?

or better yet...how should i use it? 






 images via vogue living, matchbook, lonny, the way home, house beautiful