new paintings- big ones and littl'uns..

with all that chick-fil-a money you are saving by not eating there (side eye)

you can afford bigger art!


like this one:



36 x 48 acrylic on canvas.

lots of watery blues with sheer pinks and corals on top.

$875 + shipping.




dales SOLD

20 x 30 acrylic on canvas.

moss green, forest green and grass green with bits of gold and lavender.

$425 + shipping.



tart SOLD

20 x 30 acrylic on canvas.

sunshine and blonde with bits of pink and tangerine.

$425 + shipping.



high color

36 x 48 acrylic on canvas.

and explosion of rose and coral with bits of neon, white and nude.

my favorite ever ever ever.

in fact don't buy this bc i love it too much.



just kidding...

$875 + shipping.




very very deep

18 x 24 acrylic on heavy linen finish paper.

ultramarine, neon orange, black and white.

$100 + shipping.



thanks friends!


email me if you want to purchase.