you know it's a good day when the birds are talking to you.

 this morning i woke up at 7:00 AM on the nose.

i pressed the button on the coffee machine and waited for the beep.

i poured a cup of delicious coffee and went and stood on my porch.

it was cool but sticky.

i took a deep breath and as i exhaled a tiny bird landed on my shoulder and whispered...

"it's the first day of school motherfucker!  rejoice in that shit!".

and then i smiled and high-fived his tiny wing.



fiona is going to montessori you guys.

and we are thrilled.


let me tell you all the ways that montessori rules my face...



no packed lunches or shitty school food.

at montessori fiona will become a certified hippie.

she will grow and prepare her own food. 

no really, like pick, chop and cook it herself!

i can't think of a kid who needs this kind of DIY shit more than fiona.



decent school hours..

drop off is between 8:00 and 8:30.

at her other school they were handing out tardies left and right for kids who were not in their classroom by 7:45.  which was most of them.

little kids!!

 it was hardcore.

getting a child to wake up early, throw food down their mouth, pee and brush their teeth, get dressed and run out the door is not easy and NOT FUN.

so this is a gift for both of us.

she can sleep a little later and not be so rushed.

that equals a happier and more productive child if you ask me.


and 3.

no. homework.

you read that right.

no homework.


raise your hand if you think homework sucks!!!

at her other school she had LOTS of homework and she got out of school at 3:45 in afternoon.

this was always such a nightmare for me.

her too.

she had like 20 minutes of playtime and then it was homework time while i cooked dinner and simultaneously tried to figure out her 1st grade math. 


i think for moms with more than 1 kid- dealing with homework must truly be the 7th circle of hell.


so with montessori..

no homework.

here's what one of the teachers said to me the other night..

"we have her all day and she is learning!  when she leaves's family time"




i know some of you are totally anti montessori for whatever reason..

and that's fine.  you can be anti montessori all you want.

you are not the parent of my kid...I AM.

and while i know that there is research out there that would suggest that a montessori kid has trouble adjusting to regular school should he/she ever have to get reintroduced into that system..

i say maybe...maybe not.



in other words...i am not interested in your brother's cousin's friend's kid's TERRIBLE experience with montessori.

this is happy times for us.

let us bask in our happy glow.


but let's not lose sight of what's REALLY important here...

i am FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!