mer perntings

if you understood that then god bless.

you should know that i talk like the target lady at all times.



here are some MORE PAINTINGS for you..

(and many thanks for buying up all the other ones)


moon tan

12 x 12 acrylic, oil, glossy acrylic and charcoal on canvas.




ankle biter

18 x 18 acrylic, glossy acrylic and charcoal on canvas.






36 x 36 acrylic on canvas.




speaking of art...

can we talk about gallery girls for a minute?

first of all it should just be called gallery assholes.




i've seen 1 episode and i'm not even sure if it's the first episode but from my limited understanding...

it follows the lives of 2 groups of girls working in/opening up galleries...upper east side and lower east side girls.

or is it upper west side and lower east side?

i have no fucking clue bc i live in atlanta.


these groups are like the antithesis of each other in their minds.

but in my mind they are all the same girl. 

one group just smells like patchouli and underarm cheese and the other group has daddy issues.

but they all have assholes for faces.




if you wernt to ber some perntings er-mail me..