aelita is a tiny abstract painter and before yesterday i had never heard of her..


and now i can't stop thinking about her.


this is her painting a canvas from start to finish.


it is long (about 15 minutes) but worth it...




it's one thing for a child to throw some paint on a canvas, and i'm sure many of you will think that that's all that's happening here, it's another to combine so many different techniques at such a young age.

and then to NOT take her little hands and just mix all the paints together is pretty remarkable.

she makes decisions.

you can see them..the composition, the color, the movement.

i can't know what she is thinking or how she is reaching these decisions, i mean it is probably not even remotely complicated,  as in i am sure she isn't overly thinking anything....but she knows when to stop.

and for so many abstract painters...that is one of the primary obstacles we face.


as a painter myself and an ADULT painter, it's really really hard to not judge every stroke you make.

children inherently just don't do that.


and as a mother of a young one who has been painting since she was a baby, i can assure you that kids in general just don't do what aelita does.


most kids once they reach a certain age (around 4 and up) tend to draw figuratively. 

houses, cats, dogs, trees, stick figures...etc...

not complicated abstracts.


so when they say that this kid is a prodigy, well they aren't fucking around.

she is.


watching her paint with abandon is inspiring.



there will be a feature length documentary soon..



for more of aelita visit her website.