important things


remember the other day when you were watching RHONY and you found yourself doing ranjana's face yoga poses? 


don't even try to lie to me, liar. 



and then remember when you felt like going on a boob punching spree when the world's biggest asshole (T.W.B.A.) and her sidekick were acting like the worlds biggest assholes...


and how you were wishing ramona (T.W.B. A.) would slip in a puddle of pinot grigio and fall backwards?



well, did you know that ranjana khan sells her face yoga program for the low low price of $12.99?


that's cheaper than a target face cream!



i will support her and buy it and then take pictures of myself doing it so we can all have a good laugh..


 this is totally helping my eyes look like a 12 year old's.  and like a bald murderer.


i think face yoga is genius because it makes perfect sense..

i mean you have so many muscles in your face,

it stands to reason that they need to be exercised.


and also..

this is scaring me half to death..



she should have tried face yoga instead.


her too.




and speaking of assholes...


this just in..

these 2 ultimate assholes are gearing up for a reality show called couples therapy.

bc appearently their marriage is "falling apart".

they will be joined by the circus sideshow that is courtney stodden and doug hutchison.

and some other desperate for money and spotlight couples.

i give anyone participating on this show exactly one day after their couples therapy check clears to stay together. 



here's to a successful monday.