an ounce of pretense


you're gonna see this shit a million times but that's ok...

drink in the details.


love her or hate her, her work is exciting.

she is a fearless artist.


let's talk about her...


here's my 2 cents..


looking at her rooms is like looking at a very VERY expensive piece of art

that you could never EVER own and you weep in it's presence, because it is at once so beautiful and so unobtainable.

 like ryan gosling without a shirt.



raise your hand if you'd like to see her decorate a home for real people.

 how would she do it?

regular people can't afford her customized furniture and wall to wall marble.





i love the drabness of it all.

and then wham with the brass!






are you seeing this shit??!!! 



she's just taunting us all now.

a brass island y'all.



on an island. 

does it smell like pennies?

oh wait...that's copper.





that lavender with those honey tones.


her color palettes are always so sophisticated.





oh, that?

that's just a snakeskin and brass table on a wall of hand painted wallpaper.

nothing special.




here's where things start to get a little too kooky for me.

the workmanship is beautiful and the materials are amazing.

but it feels a little like a bathing chamber on krypton.

i cannot relate to it at all.



this is my favorite.

it's warm and luxurious.

with just enough crazy.



this room is like a well appointed 70's porn set.

and i don't mean that in a bad way.

kelly will take a color and add it in every texture under the sun.  the key to success in a monochrome space.

those night stands are insane.




not ever 100% sold on the wormy-ness of a de sede sofa.

i appreciate them.  let's leave it at that.

but this room is very cozy and opulent at the same time.

no small feat.



kelly's work is so artistic and lavish and yet can be very simple and homey if you look closely.


but at the end of the day her spaces never EVER look like a person or family lives there.

phenomenally gorgeous materials and tremendous objets...but no heart. 


do you agree?

or do you think the opposite?


who knew i could write a post without talking about diarrhea or farting?