things you should know

it's monday and that is a good day to share information.


this weekend i dug up my garden.

remember my garden?

in the spring i planted carrots, zucchini, squash, lettuces, collards, tomatoes (3 kinds bc i was going to have tomatoes dammit),  onions and beets.

well...some of it grew and some of it didn't.

strangely no zucchini and like, one squash.

the lettuces were bitter.

the collards were overshadowed by the tomatoes (literally).

the beets laughed at me and the carrots grew but were the size of baby fingers.

the onions never even showed up.

but the tomatoes?

i still have TONS of tomatoes growing. 

 i have had more blt's than i have ever had in my life.


but i am pretty sure that i know what i did wrong.

#1 most important...i should have watered more.

but i also planted too much shit and didn't thin out enough.


when the pros say "thin out your seedlings"  they mean pull up 92% of those things so that you are left with like 4 strong roots.

i was too scared to pull them out and sad bc they were like children and i was murdering the tiny babies.

i am no baby murderer.

but it appears i have to be if i want to eat delicious babies..umm...vegetables. 

and i have to water a lot more than i did.

sure, i watered at the beginning...but then i was like...i'm bored with gardening.


you know what makes this garden work so well?

it's in england.

if you live in england you get to have the best gardens.


i live in the south.

it's hot and it doesn't rain a lot and being outside is akin to being inside the devil's butthole.


this is the same garden in the fall.

those cloches and freshly turned earth didn't get there by someone who watches ghost hunting shows in her leisure time.


so...this weekend i cultivated my garden and then tossed in some compost so as to plant some NEW vegetables.

this time i got seedlings rather than starting from seed.

though, i am still planting some of it by seed.

beets and carrots by seed.

broccoli, cauliflower, collards and chard PLANTS. 


i made a promise to myself that i wasn't going to overcrowd this time and get all excited thinking i was some kind of master gardener.

nope, i will water and compost, water and compost...

that's it.

the good news is the fall for us here in the south is like summer for people who live in england...

so our fall gardens are often more prolific than our spring and summer gardens.


here is p. allen smith's guide to what to plant in the fall:


brussles sprouts




mustard greens

to name a few..


and here is his pinterest if you are pinterested.



also good to know..

those images up there come from my #1 most stalked blog..

ben pentreath.

he's an english architect who has an amazing home and garden in dorset.

he takes pictures of them both frequently.

he also has a book coming out which is on my list.





also good to know...

i have a tumblr.

just for my art...



this is where i corral all of my paintings on one site for you to look at and enjoy or poop on..

your choice.



happy monday everyone.