cows at the beach and stuff...


hey everyone!!!

i'm alive, home and still the color of a ghost...actually i am whiter than a ghost...i'm like a carcass that's been washed ashore...whatever that color is??  blue? green? white? all of the above?


we had about 4 minutes of sun at the beach and a whole lot of flooding.

in other words we were holed up in the condo for much of the time.

how i managed to not eat my own weight in pawley's island fudge is beyond me.

but it was glorious just the same.


but then not so glorious...

we came home to a dead kitten and about 4 gallons of cat piss on our sofa-

don't worry the kitten wasn't ours!

we just feed all the neighborhood strays.

but she died in our yard.



our cat sitters opened the french doors to the living room that i had shut and our cat naggie peed her little heart out probably 22 times in the same spot on the sofa.


thank goodness for my gallon jug of URINE DESTROYER.

if you have cats you need this on hand.



it's always good to be home after time away, isn't it?


so i posted about the woes of beach rental properties and even made a mood board on vacation.


i spoke of the power that a cowhide possesses in looks and durability..

 and a few of you knuckleheads were like-

cowhide rugs at the beach make me disconnect with cows and sand...or something.

i guess you just think cowhides only belong in the iced tea in mason jars and mullets. 




i stand by my 'hides are acceptable anywhere there is a floor' rule of thumb.


even the floor of your beach house.



i shows you...


ok this is probably not a beach house but it could be...



 or this...

but again, it could be.



 a bright colorful one like kay douglass used in her lake house would work too.



ok this one is an acutal beach house.



more kay douglass.

in fact i think this whole lake house is EXACTLY how a beach house should look.

clean, simple and not a lot of shit but still super chic and luxurious.




 this is an acutal beach house too.

it's fantastic.



 this one is too.

and zebra hide works just the same.



not sure if this is a beach house or not but it sure could be.

and the winning combo- hide, slip-cover and leather.



ideal beach house even if it's a lake house.



here's to your labor day weekend.

probably at a beach house somewhere.

breathing in the dust of a thousand bodies.

and wrapping up in the same comforter that someone died in.

probably not a kitten though.