save the blogs


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blog readers i gather ye here to save all blogs everywhere from this sickness.


raise your hand if you have to wipe up the puke after reading yet another blog post on an 'outfit to room'?


raise your hand if you no longer have eyeballs because you poked them out after seeing another 'room of the day' that you saw on pinterest 300 times already...that same day.  

(ok i realize if you read that last sentence then you actually have your eyeballs and those eyeball-less people are obviously not reading anything.)


raise your leg if you no longer have an arm to raise because you stuck it in a meat grinder due to obsessive 'love lists' and 'color palette circles' on your favorite blogs. 


folks i love my blogger friends.

i mean no judgement or harsh criticism..

i love the blogs.

BUT...i am so fucking over blogs i can't stand it.

i want to love the blogs again.


 when did everyone start blogging the same shit?

like with the same words and stuff?

and the same...outlook?


i know first hand how hard it is to come up with shit to blog about..


 i know for some of you seeing my art is like stabbing your face with pencils.

and others could give 2 shits about my garden and/or my digestive issues.

(which thanks to this are no more.)


i fully admit that this blog started as a design blog and spiraled into a blog about poop and farts.

with some dead on impersonations thrown in for fun along with recaps.

then it was back to blogging about pretty rooms and shit.

and at that point it was clear that my blog was a blog about me.

not about any one thing in particular.

and i am fine with that bc i think it gives me a certain amount of authenticity.

but it also means that people like nate berkus think i am a dick.



so what's it about?

what is it about blogs that keep you coming back?

are you just a robot clicking your fave blogs and reading through them like a zombie as part of your routine? (guilty)

totally nonplussed?

or has a post on any particular blog given you pause and been like a jizz ejector for you?

or are you content to just look at the pretty pictures and move on with your day?

how many blogs do you read?

am i your favorite? (just kidding) (not kidding)

what about the comments?

i know lots of people read this blog..

but only a few of you comment.

why is that?

comments are usually what keeps us bloggers going strong.

without you and your comments we have no idea how we are doing.


when i first started out i commented on everyone's blog bc it was reciprocal.

if you wanted them to come you needed to let them know you were here.

and now i comment less bc, well...shit is just so...ummm....WHO GIVES A SHIT??

what could i possibly tell you about your outfit to room that the commenter above me didn't already say..?

"good job. that outfit looks JUST like that room!!"



i want to hear from all of you.

you can be anonymous or you can just be yourself and tell me/us what it is you want, what it is you hate and what it is you love.


this is your chance to spill it.

bc other bloggers will probably read this and it will help them too.

you can say as much or as little as you'd like.

you can be as truthful as you'd like too.

we can take it.

we have to take it.

and if you are happy with it all, say that too!


you are doing a great service to humanity.

don't ever forget your power.


thank you.


now be like a fart, and let rip!