thanks but no, i am not drunk. just weird. and very excited. and when i am excited i act a little weird and make blog post titles really long.


usually when i set out to do any video for you i do at least 3 versions.

and then i pick my favorite


i try to fit this criteria:


1. look as cute as possible.

2. don't say anything stupid or that you might regret later.

3. keep it short.


4. be yourself.


i decided to show you all 3 deserve only the best.


also...2 out of 4 isn't terrible.


 (turn it up loud bc i am soft voiced like an angel)




if i had any sense i would have put some make up on. 

bc i am fully aware that i look like i may have been up all night freebasing wine.

i like to call this look the PMS dead fish bloat.



having this dvd of the first episode of downton means i can start the recaps early.

and then when the rest of you watch it in january you will have a recap the very next day.

i plan on incorporating more impersonations this time around which means...goodbye life.


 and finally on this glorious saturday...

thank you.

thank you for all of your comments yesterday.

i read them all and i appreciate your love and support.

it goes without saying (i hope) that i didn't write the post with the intention of receiving a lot of ass kissy comments.

the truth is i don't believe any of you are ass kissers.

i believe you just happen to like me.

i mean...what do you have to gain from kissing my ass anyway?

nothing is what.


that said...i think any blogger out there reading these comments regardless of the hi-5's for me in them could gain a lot here.



i have taken all of your support and love as a sign that i am doing the right thing here.

just being myself.

and that is what i will continue to do.


i hope to continue to bring you the ultimate in stupidity.

with a healthy dose of awesome and a side order of pretty.



thanks friends.


good talk.



****UPDATES- if you have already seen this season episode 1 and want to talk to me about it please email me personally, don't leave a comment in the comments section.

i agree there is much to discuss so far and i am happy to talk about all the awesomeness but i will not spoil it for my readers who have not seen it.