got some nightstands


i have been looking for something like this for my bedroom since..gosh...2 years?

they are solid.  

made by henredon but i still think there is a layer of veneer over all the solid, good times wood.

someone lacquered the fuck out of them.

they are full of splotches and nics.

and they aren't campaign, which is good bc i didn't really want the trendiest bedside table in the world.

only his trailer park cousin.


i thought about stripping them down but if it's covered in veneer then i can't.

so painting is going to be best.



here's the mood board i put together for my bedroom..


the walls- deep pool by RL.  custom made by ben moore in an aura paint..satin finish.

it's so good.  that little computerized version doesn't even come close to capturing how beautiful it is in person.


the headboard- yellow tufted velvet.  more mustard than sunshine...but this gives you an idea.

and no mirrored edge. 


bedding- pottery barn grand bedding in tuscan blue. 

affordable and really good. 


desk- not this desk.  but very similar.


lamp- robbert abbey brass task lamp.


chair- this chair exactly. chrome and lavender velvet.


campaigns- do i go black or white?

i am thinking white but am open to discussion.

i will NOT paint them a color other than black or white bc the room is small and the walls and the headboard are all the color i need.

they are strong like ox. 


rug- flokati for softness and cozy texture.


this room is going to be awesome you guys.

just you wait.