fuck yeah vacation pictures!!

aren't you excited!!!????

i know i get so excited looking at other people's vacation pictures.

especially babies in hats!


before i blow your mind with awesomeness...

i wanted you to know that i was able to sleep last night wo the use of narcotics.

if this is your first time here that last sentence might seem strange..

so go read this and then come back.

i laid there in a state of anxiety (anxiety over not sleeping. which is the dumbest form of anxiety bc it is essentially anxiety over anxiety.) for a while but it was crucial for me to get through the night on my own even if it meant i didn't sleep at all.

after a sweet back rub from mike i relaxed a lot and drifted off to the land of ever flowing scalamandre zebra wallpaper and unlimited access to kelly wearstler's closet.

doesn't every girl dream of that?

and some of you guys i'm sure.


thanks to those of you who gave solid advice yesterday...

except the person who recommended i count backwards from 400 in increments of 3..

i couldn't get past 397.


oddly enough singing gotye's somebody i used to know over and over again put me out..well...it put me into a state of catatonic-ness.



time for the best worst thing in the world...














































the end.