did someone say september?!

















september is just kind of an exciting month, no?


i think it's national change-shit-up month.


i am painting my bedroom the most amazing shade of deep green-blue i've ever seen.

and i can't wait til it's done so i can shows you.


i wanted to say thanks for all your sweet compliments yesterday..

i think it's important for you to know that genetics play a large role in my physique.

i DO work at keeping the belly pudge off since i am at that age.

but i've always had very little cellulite and the legs are a gift from my dad.

that said..

there are some things i have learned over the years in terms of beauty

and i am going to compile a list of those things and deliver it to you right here..

such as my fave products, swear-by rituals, how to maintain good eating habits and what i do for exercise.





images via house and garden, elle decor UK and world of interiors via zinio