i don't really need to make a case for leather, do i?


i do not.


don't get me wrong...there is BAD leather furniture.


and i mean bad....


that there's gen-u-wine I-talian leather.



but then there is good leather furniture.


oh so good..



 why am i so obsessed with leather sofas all of a sudden?


well, it could be the cat pee crime scene that happened on my slipcovered sofa recently.

or it could be that they are just pretty to look at and durable to boot.

arguably getting better with age...you can't say that about a fabric sofa.



whatever the reason..

i aims to find one that looks like one of the above,


or this one..


that sound you hear is the sound of angels weeping leather scented tears.


i think part of the reason i love them so is their versatility.


they are at home in any type of decor.


just look and see for yourself...










 find me one please.



good day to you.