the unholy has found us

yeah..i'm talking about that flu disease going around.

but fuck it..i will beat it before it takes a super hold of me.

as in i throw some massive doses of echinacea and elderberry it's way, mix in some yarrow and large quantities of hot ass lemon water with cayenne and this cold/flu/whatever has no chance.


(as i sneeze for the thousandth time in 4 minutes)


right now though..

let's catch up.


golden globes:


best dressed:

perfect across the board.

fits her like a glove, great color on her, body=tight, correct hair and jewelry..comfy..

she wins.



worst dressed:

everyone else.


but probably mostly this:

a large, shiny, bright red ball gown is never a good idea.

+ pearls = facepunch.

quirky on the red carpet sucks always.

but in all honestly to me, everyone who wore a voluminous ball gown and/or mermaid tail loses.

it's like this country...times they be changin'.

more modern. classic modern is ok...but more modern in general.

just less poof and frouf forever.



worst speech:

i want to tackle her to the ground and smash her face in it.



best speech:

the opposite of anne hathaway.



worst walk:

i think someone chopped off her feet and she was walking on her bloody stumps.

(i had a dream last night that i cut my hair and it looked just like this.  thoughts on that?  mike you can't answer.)



weirdest moment:

gimme some o them drugs jodie foster.

yes, the speech had moments of clarity and sweetness and it for sure made me teary when she talked about her mom...but everywhere else it was coming from the inside of a deep k-hole.





next week is the season finale of american horror story and holy ass of mercy!

while this show has become a circus sideshow for the most part..

i can't stop watching jessica lange's face win all the emmys.

this past week with the axe to grace's back was a jaw-dropper to be sure.


but this...



i am on the fence with this.


frances conroy is a brilliant actress but her marlon brando meets laverne from laverne and shirley was just too much, maybe.

i felt like i was watching a bad high school performance of west side story.

anyone else feel this way?


what else?

let's see..


ummm...i need some new clothes..



i will take the entire free people catalog please..


like this..


and this..


but mostly i will take all their shoes..

these with jorts.



these with everything else plus jorts.



these with pants plus jorts plus dresses.



yes, i'll take them in black and white too.



and finally a way cool picture of mike and i and the barnes brothers at the wedding we went to in new orleans.

i love this picture so much i want to get it blown up H U G E and hang it up.



ok. that's it.

i'm out. 

literally out...i am in an elderberry coma right now.

i am hologramming my fingers on this keyboard to type right now.

and for the record an elderberry coma can't hold a candle to a k-hole.



see you monday.