2013- here's what i'm thinking...

bet you weren't expecting that, were you?


new year, new look. 

new everything.

change is awesome.


i plan on changing the look of the blog on a regular(ish) basis. 

i figure we're all serial decorators here, we can handle it. 


big ups to susie, my minty pal, for putting this look together for me.

she is really awesome at blog design among many other things.

and just an awesome friend in general.



ok, why red?

well, red is the color of the root chakra..

just kidding...

we tried a bunch of different colors as backgrounds with various paintings..

and this was our favorite.

simple as that.


it's going to change though.

with new paintings and new color inspiration.

so if red makes your butthole cringe, no worries..

it's going to change many times over so i am sure emerald (everyone's new favorite color) is in your future.






moving on to what i am thinking for 2013...


understated, casual sophistication. 





understated, casual SOPHISTICATION.


always and forever but with less diamond pattern and more fringe.




clean lines mixed with...




nubby textures.







a few pieces of amazing furniture rather than a room full of who cares furniture.



 moody and casual.

MUCH less fuss.

black and white art.




colorful, vintage pottery.


or collections of your choice. 



1 big statement art piece rather than several little groupings to make a statement. 


original art.


"don't buy copies of art. if you can't afford the real thing, go for a walk and find a stone that looks as beautiful as a brancusi sculpture. you can find amazing things in nature."- axel vervoordt.



mid century fiber art.

i am slightly obsessed.



folk art.


particularly southern folk art.


folk art tells a story and it's so colorful and beautiful.

i want to see people buy art because they are moved by it.

not because it matches their decor.



and what could be cooler than a folksy, country quilt paired with modern furniture and lighting?...


see also rag rugs.



ultimately i think i am ready for a large paring down process.

less stuff.


clean surfaces.

fewer pillows.

simple lines.

homey and cozy,

but with sophistication.


it is so.