cool shit you will like if you like to buy awesome stuff and not spend a lot of money

have you heard of scowters?

if you're like me you saw something about it on facebook but bc it has a cow as it's logo you thought it was some kind of hipster beef restaurant.


burgers specifically.

at least that's what i thought.

because i have look-that's-so-pretty-hey-is-this-gogurt? computer A.D.D.

haha!  that cow is wearing a monocle.



i have a mild one kings lane vintage finds obsession.

scowters is A LOT like that.

as in it's a big ol flash sale that happens tomorrow at 8pm.

it's a nationwide group of vintage/art/antiques/modern dealers..

each dealer has a few items in the sale. items are up just under 1 week. then, all new items. dealers are trying to price reasonably or low. items are super cool...


brass brutalist chandelier


maitland smith faux malachite box


elephant lamp



folk art jockey painting



italian ceramic polar bear


brass candelabras



brass horns

(i need these in a big fat way)


 dux chair and ottoman


arthur court chrome sawfish bill



scarpa lounge chair



see? good shit like that.



 i love that so much of their stuff has a modern vibe.

okl isn't rolling in the modern stuff as much as the traditional stuff and i, for one, like a good mix.  



if i've utterly (udderly) confused you, this:



here is the facebook link.  just click LIKE.

and then set an alarm or something for thursday at 8 pm. 

also...follow them on twitter.

that way if you're on twitter you'll be sent an instant reminder via your twitter feed. 

p.s. there will be a sale EVERY thursday at 8pm. 

so eventually you will start to remember just like you do tv show times and days.



at the end of the day i think the thing about scowters is this shit is the cream of the crop FROM the cream of the crop of dealers and curators around the country.

no sifting through grandma's doilies or diane keaton's fiestaware.


and no, i don't get anything for this post.

i just like sharing cool shit with mah peeps.