hair issues

if you follow me on pinterest or in text convos (only special people get the latter privilege. and by special i mean all my mentally disabled friends. which is pretty much everyone in some form or another)

you know that i have been pinning pictures of short hair.

if you've been following this blog for a while you know that i get the short hair itch about once a year.

it's always there..but it lies dormant for a spell and then near spring it emerges like a fragile daffodil.


well, it's nearing spring.

so it's that time.

this time around though it's bc i H A T E my bangs. 

they suck.

it's not just the bangs though..

it's really not.

it's what the bangs do with the whole of my hair.

the bangs and the length aren't playing nicely together.

sure..i can slap on some makeup and wash my hair and style it and it can look cute..

but i am NOT that person on the regular.

(i should have had this conversation with myself PRE-bangs)

i wash at night, put it in a bun and go to bed.

when i wake up i have some semi nice waves (more like humps).

but the bangs ruin everything good about my humps.


since it's not spring yet and still cold and i still rock my lesbian sweatshirt almost every day..

imma stay away from the pixie just yet.

plus my bangs aren't long enough yet for the short style i want (more on that in a bit)

instead i am going to raise the legth of my hair about 3 1/2 inches..


here are the choices i have narrowed it down to..


just to the collarbone and no layers.




a wee bit past the collarbone with a few face framing layers.




way the fuck up there around the middle of the neck with some layering.

i obviously need about 2 more inches of bangs to pull this off completely.


so perhaps i will go with  1 or 2 first and work my way to 3.


and then come mid spring - summer i can go full lesbian.


there are some short hair rules i have to abide by..



while this hair is cute on this model it's a bit too poufy on top for someone with thickish hair like me.

plus i really don't want longer in front, shorter in back.

it's too 80's vidal sassoon for me.



this cut is super cute on her and only her.

she is adorable and androgynous and teeny tiny.

i would look like a butch soccer mom.



i need something fringey-er and pixie-er..


like so..






i love the back of her hair.





i need something with texture and craziness.



this is cute but it's a lot of pouf..which is dangerous bc it would require a lot of styling to look good.

otherwise it would just be a short version of what i am dealing with now.


same here..


but...i'm too poufy up top.

so i would look like a mushroom head or it would be greasy after 5 minutes with all the moroccan oil i would need to achieve the sleekness.



the big draw back to short hair is what?



i know.

because i've been there...


here's me with short hair in around 1999..


look at my big corbel dick!!!


i couldn't find any pics of me in the grow out phase bc i most likely burned them.




to review..

mid length like the first 2 or mid neck bob like portman?


then phase 2..

which short hair?


you helps.


thank you.


p.s. don't forget scowters at 8pm tonight.