some rant, some minty and some art

yesterday's hair post was fun. (totes sarcasm)


still undecided.


i will tell you though that 

 a perm is out of the question (side eye williaint. were just fucking with me, right?). 

as are clip on bangs and darker hair.

i'm a blonde. period.

i look much older with dark hair and like a total douche.


also my hair is not all one color blonde. it's got highlights and lowlights and stuff.

i post videos of myself once a week...pretty sure it's obvious that my hair has dimension.


what's this ridiculous notion that women over the age of 40 can't have blonde hair?

or bleach blonde hair for that matter?

i can point to several over 40 women with bleach blonde hair that look pretty fucking awesome.

(naomi watts, cate blanchett, cameron diaz, elle macpherson, jennifer anniston.. not to mention the over 50's...diane sawyer, christie brinkley, helen mirren, michelle pfieffer, sharon stone and madonna)

it's down to the quality of the hair color and the hair and the person wearing it.

end of discussion.




i wanted to update you all on the minty site..

first of all i am no longer a part of minty but i fully support and endorse it's awesomeness!



 susie quillin has taken over the minty reigns and she has done an amazing job on the new website.


you must check it out.


there are pretty things to look at like this..


 and this..


the shopping has changed slightly..

the minty wares are headquartered at etsy.

but minty also sells on one kings lane.

as well as scowters and if you're in atlanta, at antique factory in chamblee.


if anything you need to look at the gallery page and see all the sexy vintage finds susie has and has made over.

things like this lucite and brass chair covered in KW edo fabric..



that thing is sick.



there's that.

viva la minty.



and new to my etsy shop..

 some paintings in lovely shades of green and blue.










ok then.

have nice weekend.