the island of forgotten projects..

remember when i started some projects and then either didn't finish them, or just forgot to show you?

we'll start with the french doors..

 i have decided not to go through with painting them black.

in the den, one is painted black and one is painted white.

and i think it's kind of awesome.

yes, this may be just an excuse to leave it alone and get on with other projects bc at this point i can't decide if i want them black or white or to set them on fire breaking bad style....but for now i am deciding that it's on purpose, and very kelly wearstler.

the french doors in the dining room are still white bc i have not decided on a wall color for the dining room.

so. they may stay white. 

i am beyond thinking about it at this point.


a commenter mentioned yesterday that they think i should shut the fuck up about my hair and get on with the decorating.

in a way they are right, in a way (a bigger way) they are wrong.

i won't go too far into this but let's all remember this is a blog, not a magazine where people pay me to get the good shit out. 

as it is the downton abbey recaps suck the life out me as a writer for a few days, add to that the fact that i ain't got no money for a whole lot of house projects bc my kid is in private school..and...

well...i can only blog about what my brain thinks up in sometimes very last minute situations or based on what i got going on around here.

i think we can all agree that no one wants a blog that just rehashes what we're all looking at on pinterest.

and while i agree, it would be much more awesome if i had just cut my hair off like a motherfucking badass and then be all..hey look at my new short hair motherfuckahhhs!!!!  i truly wanted some opinions from some people who were going to be constructive about the whole thing. 

and while THE MAJORITY of you were (and i thank you) a few of you assholes were need to address the color of your hair and you are a dick for posting about your hair.

those are the people who were the subject of my rant.

not the kind readers who offered up their best advice.

trust me, i know the difference between someone who has my best interests in mind vs someone who just wants to be hateful.



moving on..


so TODAY i am all about completeing a project.

my den/living room/tv room...whatever...has been neglected for a long time.

it has had 4 sample shades of pink on the wall for a year!  A YEAR!!

and then varrying shades of white and cream.

i was certain i was going to paint it white.

but then i had a revelation that i probably couldn't have had had i not actually seen it in person.

i picked up fiona from a playdate at a friend's house and their tv room was a dark, cozy cave.

it was EXACTLY what i wanted our tv room to feel like.

our tv room is small.

like, toddler bedroom small.

and i think if i had painted it white it wouldn't have translated into what i feel is the perfect room to carry white.

it occured to me that i should embrace the size and make it as cozy and inviting as possible.

this notion is not one i hadn't considered...but you can look at pictures of "perfect" rooms in magazines and on pinterest and think that you know they are what you want but until you actually see it in person how can you really know?

i consider this revelation a blessing.




we are going dark.

now the friend's room wasn't my style...very craftsman with warm reds and ochres etc..

but the FEEL.

the feel is what i was enjoying.

it just called out.."come curl up here on this sofa and watch some housewives or breaking bad".

it hugged me.

i want my living room to hug us all.




what color?

navy blue?  moody blue? gray? black? chocolate? weimaraner cocoa?  weimaraner gray?  grayish blue?

charcoal black? 




don't think for one second that every single one of those colors hasn't crossed my mind.


let's look at some inspiration..


the blacks/black-ish:


what i like about this is the light is similar to the light in my own room.  

i also have the same ceiling height (i know..lucky).

i like how there is a bit of mystery in this color.

is it black is it blue?


this is definitely true black.

and i also have a white couch so this one speaks to me.



i really want a sectional for this room.

in fact i want a sectional to take up almost the whole room.

i don't abide by that small furniture in a small room rule.

the dude does not abide.

this room is super cozy.



while i do not have the wall space for a wall of frames to disguise the tv, i do love how this room looks as though it doubles as tv cave and lounge area for when guests come over.

and i love that just about everything in here is black with white accents.

i'd love to see more of this room if anyone knows the source.




the grays:


no matter what color i chose i am going to paint out the molding/trim.

this is obviously not a tv room but i do love this color.

it's super versatile.



this is a good indication of the size of my room.

including the french doors that open in taking up even more precious space.

this room is sick!

but i think this shade of gray is too light. 

well done for not covering up those floors with a rug.

but for our purposes of cozy hug, a rug is a must.



this is a lot like my room too.

same rug (though now the cow is layered over a 9 x 12 jute)

same sofa, sort of.

same window fact i am leaning toward this type of window covering.

a black out roman.  not this fabric, i hate it. 

but this style. 


another decision that will plague me.




the browns:


this room is very cozy for such high ceilings.

i think matching the sofa to the wall color is a helpful tip in upping the cozy factor while still keeping the room modern.  it's not an option for me at this point though.

but food for thought.

not sure about this color.

it's a reddish brown...a hard color to pull off.

but i am a fan of the browns in general.



this is a wild card.

i have long loved the feel of this room.

it's not cozy per se...but it does lend to the mood of lounging and being real real chill.

plus it's that super modern, organic look that i love deep in my soul.

but it's totally not practical or realistic.

that wall color is it gray? is it olive?  is it brown?  is it gralive? is it brolive?



the blues:


mmhhmm..mmhhmmm. yep.

what is that color??  

it's fantastic.



this looks like a stain.  or a paint effect.

either way the color is mesmerizing. 

it glows. 

that painting is spectacular.

or is it a photo?

but yes to it being all one color.

i love some monochrome.

and i dig those shades.

this room has that relaxed elegance thing going on.





this color.

who what where?

i know this is a roman and williams room and they are prob one of my all time favorites..

but this color, it sends me.

but i fear in bright light it's like...whooooaaa! settle down.

this room is so thoughtful and wonderful.




what say you?


talk to me my color wizards.