possible paint choices for the cave

a thousand million thanks for the strong showing of advice the other day.


i encourage you to continue to shine bright like diamonds.


i have picked some colors for the tv cave..

thanks to many of you.

i chose these colors bc i find them all intriguing.


they could be all wrong or they could be so wrong they are right.



i am going to get some samples next week and we are going to piss my husband off have fun together.



there is no chocolate in there or delicious aubergine...not that i don't love them as possible contenders but i need to see if these work first before i go down that path.

i am fairly certain i want something more black/blue than choco/purp we'll see.

i have a few wild cards in there for fun...

manor house and grape hyacinth.

 i am dying to see grape hyacinth up close and personal.

i have a feeling both of them are too light and/or too purple, but i am not opposed to mixing them together.

that might be a little too bananas.

or it might be so bananas that it becomes bananaz.

and you KNOW a 'z' means business.



once the color is nailed down we will have to discuss finishes.

bc that's a whole other bag of peen.




guess what i did?


i put a painting on saatchi online.



it's a total departure from my usual colorful kooky stuff.

 it's REAL hard to be original with black and whites. 

some of them are super cheesy and the world doesn't need more jackson pollack or franz kline homage.

for me the black and white abstract is about graphic pop.

 there are a lot of black on white paintings out there. 

i chose cream on black on cream.




you can find the details of the above piece here



i will still do paper and smaller canvas black and whites on my etsy site.