day 13


so on wednesday morning i put fiona in the car and drove her to school.  

we were a little later than usual bc after the holidays who knows what fucking time it is let alone what day..

but when we pulled up to the school not one single car was there. (wow we were REALLY late)

the cones weren't out. (we were now in the getting written up zone)

no sign of life. (wait a minute....)

doors locked. (fuck self)




lucky me i work from home but what do you 9-5 ers do with your kid at these times?


the christmas presents have lost their luster and i am getting screamed at for just about everything. 


yesterday's walk in the freezing cold wasn't such a great idea..




until we got to the playground...



thank god for playgrounds.


and wine.



and television..





how many times did you choke back vomit when JAM talked about how hard it was to decorate entirely from catalogs?


but then you were clapping like a pre teen mom at a one direction concert when you saw that shit go down west elm style...




but then you vommed again when he "just had to" buy that 10,000 bench.


apparently the word "entirely" as in "decorate my house entirely from catalogs" really means "except when you see a local boat for sale, then nail that to the wall in the corner of my great room.  or missoni chairs, buy those too".


in his defense...he's totally right.

you can't decorate a house entirely from catalogs and think it's not going to look like it's been decorated entirely from catalogs.

you gotta have a few antiques floating around in there to make it special..

but a 10,000 dollar bench is face punching territory.


and as for those chairs- he could have bought cheap-ish directors chairs and had them recovered in a missoni look-a-like fabric for a lot less. 


but whatever,  these people have a house on the ocean in nantucket...what the hell were they doing decorating from catalogs anyway?


OH!! i know!!!!

....if they used west elm in the show west elm would pay for everything.


got it. 

rich people are the luckiest.



hey west elm...

i will decorate my house using ONLY west elm products and document it here on my blog if you pay for it.



moving on..


because we all need to see this again today..



so much has happened!!

jude is judy again and she's getting a taste of her own medicine.

homegirl got the juice last night and hard.

now she's in one flew over the cuckoos nest territory.

eunice is dead as is dr. arden.

grace is alive again and pepper is in charge.


this show lost all it's scary factor and just moved into hilariously nuts.



also started watching this show..


why is all tv so intense?


whatever happened to touched by an angel?



it is really no wonder people murder each other these days with such ease.





kitty paws KITTY PAWS!!!!




baby panda waving..BABY PANDA WAAAVVVING!!!!!!




that's better.



one more for the road..





baby animals make everything better.