new paintings and such.



don't those photos make your heart sing?


i was outside photographing some paintings for my etsy shop and i looked up and was like..

woah that's pretty.

i am fond of winter trees.  there is something comforting about them to me.

we used to travel to iowa from missouri during the holidays when i was a kid, to my grandparent's house.

i would lay down in the backseat and just stare at the tops of the bare trees, counting nests and misletoe bundles, daydreaming.  it passed the time and helped me to forget about my mom's smoking and the terrible headache it gave me.   it was only a 5 hour drive but it felt like a lifetime.


this time of year i am always tired, aren't you?

i still exercise and eat well (mostly) but i REALLY don't want to.

i wanna lay around and watch movies and tv and eat chips and dip and drink wine at 3.

instead of 4.

i wanna lay down and stare at the tops of trees. 


i spent the last few days painting and i am bleary.

emotionally and mentally.

who knew that tapping into your creative juice station and tapping it dry was so exhausting?


so i am going to disappear from here to get the next 2 downton recaps ready for you.



 and on that note..

i have added some new paintings to my shop.


i have extended the half off sale through january 15th.

so all prices in the shop are already marked as such.


here is a sampling..












all of the above and more can be found at the shop

sale ends january 15th.


thank you and see you on the flerp.