mini makeover

 it's like i can't have enough things to do.


my house is a work in progress at all times.

i think i prefer it that way, maybe?

while i am doing my level best to get the living room to a state of sexy ass completion i still map out other rooms and how i need to change/improve them. (you do to liar)

i have long since needed to do something about the honey oak with a side of high sheen cabinet in the master bath, 

and when i saw that kelly wearstler/cameron diaz peach/yellow/white/brass dream of a living room in elle decor, i thought-

that's a good combo of colors. 

i have a lot of peachy pink (i lie, it's peach beige) tiles in the bathroom.



and a bath mini makeover was born..




the walls are already painted pink sea salt.

the statement sputnik is already hanging.

and the yellowcake is on order.


that yellow is strong, i know. 

and i might be crazy and i might hate it hard.

but i have a musical heartsong boner for it in my mind. 



and i am on the lookout for a heavy ceramic dish i can stripe up with paint.

sorry kelly, i can't pay $400 for a bowl.

but i love the hell out of it. 


 i do vow to complete the living room before i take on the bath.



brass sconce // sputnik // pink paint // mirror // candle // black and white bowl // yellow paint // knobs // waste bin //  rug