plaid- fall's juggernaut pattern.

i love plaid.

and every fall people swoon over all things plaid while choking on all things pumpkin spice.

for the record i have had nothing pumpkin in my mouth yet but i have 17 pumpkins on my porch. SEVENTEEN!

i also have nothing plaid in my house or in my closet.

how un-fall like and un-blogger like of me.


so here are my favorite plaid picks for fall..




1. these blue pillows are pricey but you could easily make them with a plaid blanket or a vintage or thrifted flannel shirt!


2.  love this sweet, high wasited, pleated skirt.  i would pair it with a fuzzy, cropped sweater and these bright blue booties.  come to think of it i would pair everything with those bright blue booties. 


3. i LOVE plaid napkins for a holiday table. traditional and yet still not obviously screaming HOLIDAY!!!.

i'd pair these napkins with some chunky black ceramic plates like these from heath ceramics and some gold flatware and jewel toned glasses .


4.  plain and simple...i want this coat super bad. 

it reminds me of a coat i had as a kid.

and i loved it. 

it's also really affordable. 

a great transitional coat. 


5. ok, i can't remember where this blanket is from.

but here's another one that's similar if not better.

anyway..plaid blankets are pretty much the most predictable plaid item you can have.

but if you put it at the foot of a girly bed you have the reason why all bloggers love plaid blankets..


bow down.



6.  more plaid pillows.  i'd treat them the same way rita treats plaid blankets.


a fiona duvet and a grace sham



7. perhaps the easiest plaid to pull off on your person..

the plaid shirt

careful, you don't wanna go lumberjack lesbian.

or maybe you do..

that's your call and one that i respect and admire.

some ladies are dead sexy lumberjack lesbians.

 i'd pair mine with a leather leopard skirt.


8. this jacket is much cuter in person.

i like it a lot. 


9. these earthenware plates and bowls are very affordable and very cute.

i'd use these and glam up the rest of the table with some crystal shit and be like..look how i juxtapose EVERYTHING!!!


this post brought to you by plaid. 

and 3 cups of coffee.