in love with the following items..


1. this sweater dress is so easy and comfy and stylish.

i'd pair it with 2. 

these knee high black leather boots are on my wish list.


3. i love this snake fabric and i want it made into relaxed romans.

any seamstress takers?

i'll trade out a painting.


4. this credenza from west elm is going to solve my tv cabinet problem.

it's the perfect size for my little nook.

comes in a bigger size too.


5. those socks and shoes. together. oh my. 


6. i want this jennifer ament print somewhere.

and i am not a words on art type of person so much.


7. this face cleanser is the best face cleanser i have used in a long long time. 

maybe ever. 

i am not an argan hippie either but something about this cleanser is just perfect.

you rub it in your hands and get them all oily and hot..

apply to your face and massage it all in.

then add a little water to create an emulsion and rinse.

my face is clean and soft and no residue left behind whatsoever.

i have combo skin, btw.

smells like oranges.


8, 9.

aesop geranium body scrub and body balm.

i have these and cannot sing their praises enough. 

they are not cheap but they are worth all the pennies.

i don't use them every day.

once a week for the scrub and a little more often for the lotion. 

they smell so so so good. 




mike and i think this might be the best show in the universe.

it's a little more raw and edgy than no reservations.

and often times more interesting. 

we get sad when there are no episodes on demand to watch.

we punch our kid in the throat.

(just seeing if you're still reading)



AHS recap later tomorrow.