testes testes...1...2....3?



if you get that title reference you are president of my friend club.


speaking of friend club..

where the hell are all of my internet friends?


here is what is in my gut:


i can't continue being your favorite blogger if you aren't reading this blog.

that is a truth statement truer than all true statements on all the levels. 


what is it?


too many mood boards featuring all of my favorite lotions and oils and tv shows?

the occasional fashion related post gotcha down?

american horror story too creepy for you?

bored with blogs in general?

instagram is your new favorite blog?

pinterest for all your interiors porn?

my art makes you puke?

or are you just getting lazy?

or is it that you read in a reader type format and it's too inconvenient to comment?


no? none of those?

all of those? some of those?


what is it?


i got 7 comments on my last AHS post (thank you mom and 6 loyal friends).

but that's just not enough to keep me writing them.

those things take fucking forever.

i mean, if only 6 people are reading this blog i've got problems.


so...what is it?

tell me..

what can i do to be better for you?


my heart is sad.

chloe's face=my face.