thanks, dreams and a house.

once again, thank you to the lurkers for de-lurking yourselves and just making yourself known.

i hope that felt good and not like bad period cramps.


i love the ideas that you guys are laying down.

some really good ones and just some reminders about things i used to do that you'd like to see more of.

so look for more come to jesus's in the future.

if i sense a disconnect at any point i'll just holler.

hopefully i won't have my menses and a case of the quits and instead it'll be like a sitcom business meeting.

i'll wear shoulder pads and glasses and i'll point to charts and shit.



ok let's move on..

 first i'd like to know,  are you all experiencing dramatic and horrifying dreams these past few nights?

mike and i both have woken up saying, man..i had some weird ass dreams last night.

both of us seem to be dreaming about situations where we are essentially helpless.

for me i am lost and can't find what i'm looking for.

i am a U2 song.



 is it this mercury retrograde business?


i'd love to know if this is a world wide phenomenon.





i got my digital issue of AD espana last night and about fell out when i saw this house..


it's so plain!

but so stunning.


i mean you could go a million different ways with an old (assuming it's old), architecture heavy house like this..

and i feel like they did a universal second choice here.


in improv classes we are always taught "second choice".

and that basically means don't go with the obvious.

because the obvious is predictable and it's what the audience will expect and therefore leaving us all like," i coulda come up with that!".



i know for some people this just won't be their taste and that's cool.

i'm not even sure it's mine..

 i just see a house that is letting the architecture play the lead and the rest is lending beautiful support.



i think i could be happy here though.


i like the idea of a house with little to no stuff lying around.


it's a perpetual blank slate.


i think we can all get behind the beauty of this bathroom.

lots of marble and white warmed up with wood.

and that brass base under the marble?




and now i want a cerused, square dining table with benches at the heads of it.

it's funny, but i'll bet this room is way better in person.

i'll bet the whole house is.


and i used to never be on board with dark trim and white walls but now, i have plans to recreate this look in my own house. 

stay tuned til 2015 for that to go down.




i just really want to see more of this house.


i give it 5 out of 5 chloes.


dark trim/white walls?

too much chloe?



AHS recap tomorrow.