a day in the life of almost murder but probably just divorce


as promised the new dining room light got hung and i almost did too.

ladies if you have a husband/boyfriend you probably ask him to do things for you that you can't do or at least don't want to do.  

such as hanging heavy ass lights from the ceiling.


this is how saturday went down...


old light comes down.



new light goes up.



but then the hundred or so heavy, glass, pear shaped baubles have to be attached.

and the hanging of the light we discover, was the easy part.. 


turns out those little "pears" have 2 prongs with tips going in opposite directions so that they stay put after they have been inserted with needle nose pliers into a tiny hole (that's what she said).


it took a long, long, long time. 


so i tried to remain thankful and upbeat.


i made chicken salad..


do yourself a favor and add celery, diced apples and roasted, salted pistachios to your next chicken salad recipe.

i usually just toss leftover chicken in some mayonnaise and salt and pepper and throw it on the table.

i think this new chicken salad may have helped save my life.


beacuse this is essentially what the next 9 hours sounded like..





next up?


fiona and i baked cookies.



sadly not even cookie dough helped the situation...



so i did some other things-


fiona invited me to a tea party..





our tea was fiona's choice..

celestial seasonings sugar cookie sleigh ride (gag).




oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a sprinkling of sea salt flakes.


back in the dining room..


progress was being made..


but i had taken to hiding to get documentation.



i hung planetary girl in my living room..






brace yourselves..





my doors are done.

i took this photo because i was hiding in the living room as far away from the dining room as possible.










and somewhere in the middle of all that love

the light was finished.




 (there were no flowers lying around so i styled that shit up with a gourd)



 she do sparkle.

also- spaceship + alien pod if you look closely.




 p.s. the light is the robert abbey bling chandelier