costume inspiration


if i were invited to your halloween party i would go as suzy bishop..


but instead i'll probably go as a mom who tricks and treats with her zombie leopard kid.


does any other mom out there have to do 2 costumes for their kid?

fiona wants to be a zombie leopard by night and taylor swift by day.

the day costume is for biography day at school. 

i guess at montessori they don't do halloween the traditional way..

they have to incorporate it into a learning experience.

stupid smart people. 



also 3 new paintings in the shop..


fall tower






hot springs


lately i've been inspired by aboriginal paintings.

i love their honesty and movement but not the color choices.

i get it though, therein lies the honesty.

they used those drab colors because their "paints" pretty much consisted of plants and mud.


ok then.

halloween tomorrow.

what are you going as?

one year my mom dressed me as a hooker and told me i was a lady of the evening.

i thought that sounded super glamorous.

thanks mom.