abstract glory in the living room


amidst client commissions i commissioned a painting for my living room and i love it.



i wanted something colorful with a nod to abstracts of the 70's..





doesn't it look awesome against the dark walls?!

my sofa does not look awesome.

we continue to hunt for the best sofa/bed that fits in our budget.

no easy feat let me tell you.

since we're discussing this room let me go ahead and give you the full update lest you think i am just a lazy decorator who can't complete a project.


the tv wall still needs to be painted bc i can't seem to convince my husband that it's more important than football on a sunday.  (a giant flatscreen has to be removed from the wall and all the cords need to be dealt with and i don't have a credenza yet so the idea of taking it all down and putting it back over the janked up table with basket full-o'-cords doesn't appeal.)

soooo....there is still no credenza for under the tv and i refuse to reveal this room to you without one.


 i have a lead on something pretty much perfect but it's at an estate sale.

in tennessee.

and i am still waiting to hear back the details.

so basically i got nothing.  


i will make do with the sofa and dress her up with pillows until the right one shows itself to me.


we also need a good man chair. 

my dream chair is out of our budget for a chair and more like our budget for a sofa. 

but i aim to make an offer on it anyway and see if they take it.

has anyone ever done that?

on 1stdibs?

i'm afraid a hand will come out of the computer and slap me on the mouth.

it will be wearing a white glove though and probably barely hurt.


and last but not least i am saving my pennies for my dream rug.

so basically this room will be done in 2017.



and for you..


a few more paintings are available in the shop.




up the shore

18 x 24



down the drain

22 x 30




the future

22 x 30


and lastly,

fiona named this one..


penguins on ice

22 x 30



i like it this way too..





here's to friday and the weekend.


 i am leaving for LA tomorrow where it is hotter than the sun's surface and i am not pumped about it.

LA?...yes!  90+ in the valley?...no. 


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