updates from LA

hello my farters.


here's what's up.


anna and me.




anna's dog izzy and me.


there is a sick amount of love between the two of us.

and dogs can suck it mostly. 



anna and i did a training session with anna's trainer torri anders.

she's awesome and if you live in LA i recommend you employ her.

she does cool things with your body that don't really hurt while you're doing them but i woke up this morning with pains in places i didn't know i could have pains.

and she just generally gives out good vibes.


after said workout anna and i got massages..


but really it was more like donkey kicks to our organs.



these 2 goons.

(sarah and bobby. learn it)




last night we went to a taping of jimmy kimmel.

anna's husband loren is a writer for kimmel so we hung out in the green room and got to see the cast of modern family.

sofia vergara is terrible looking in person.

so gross. 

 (i hope i don't have to explain my sarcasm here)


i dressed up.


the jumpsuit is from here.

the boots, here.

the bag, here.

bracelet, here. 



more tomorrow.