LA part 2


yesterday i hung out with my girl molly.

we posed.


i also did a podcast.

which is cool because i've never done one of those before.


anna does a podcast regularly with vinnie tortorich aka the angriest trainer.


in a nutshell...

vinnie is angry because for years he felt like the fitness world was full of lies and set out to find the right way to lose weight and be healthy.

and in his educated opinion that way is NSNG or.."no sugar no grains".

he is full of logic and smarts and we talk about shit just like this in the podcast.


there are 2 shows i participate in..

the first one is here.

the second is here


you can subscribe to the podcast here


vinnie gave me a copy of his book and i am excited to read it. 

i will share my thoughts here of course.

and if you are insterested in the book and want to read it with me you can get that here


and if you want to see a cute baby trying not to fall asleep go here. 


speaking of here-

i'm out of here (LA) in about 3 hours and heading back to ATL.


some of you might be wondering about a little something i like to call american shit-my-pants aka american horror story.

well, it airs tonight at 10 EST on FX and yes, i will be watching and shit yes i will be recapping.


will you be watching?

this season looks like it might be a little lighter in subject matter.


my favorite.


big gulps. 


see ya later.