my dining room and some q + a

if you follow me on the gram you will know that i painted my dining room farrow and ball- teresa's green..

it is a testament to the pureness of farrow and ball that this color still looks pretty even in the dark and through the lens of an iphone.

this color is the perfect shade of mint...not too pastel and with a touch of mystery that ultimately defines farrow and ball's paints.

i still gots some things to do in this room before thanksgiving..

but here is the general idea:

i'd like to paint the table because it's really in super shitty shape and i can't afford a new table just yet and frankly i don't even know what i want.

i like the idea of a glossy eggplant with those oddly-mint green walls.

i want to bring in some kind of masculine plaid element. 

maybe reupholster the bench?  it's just boring gray right now.

and then add some orangey red somehwere.

i love the marcel breuer chairs in a mix of black and cane.

when i was in LA i ate at the village restaurant in studio city and they were the chair of choice.

i couldn't stop staring at them and commenting on how good they looked.

but i could also entertain the idea of something a bit more loungey.

what's wrong with my current white vinyl chairs, you are asking?

well. nothing really. 

but i am just not feeling the white with this new direction and they were always just a stand-in, plus they are pretty scratched up from the cats.

the art, is me...and because of the overhwelmingly positive response yesterday to those paintings i am going to make a few prints in smaller sizes and think they would be so cool in a grouping.

is that something you all would be interested in?

smaller prints of those jellyfish style paintings?


let me know in the comments.


and in other cool news..

holly at the english room has featured me in her southern artist spotlight series.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 8.41.45 AM.png

i am such a slut for interviews.

i love to read them in magazines and i love that damn stupid bernard pivot interview on inside the actor's studio.

i'm not sure why, but whenever there is one, regardless of who the person is...i read it.

so it's no surprise that i get a little thrill to actually take part in one. 


head on over for the interview