flower rules

it's monday and i am betting that most of you are feeling a bit of pressure today.

it's not just any monday.

it's a holiday week monday and god bless you if your kids are already out of school.

i, thankfully, have 2 days to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off and try to complete commissions, clean house and curate a turkey and all that mess of deliciousness that goes with it, let alone cook it.


enough rambling..

i wanted to talk table today.


specifically flowers on the table...



i like simple. 

i think i've mentioned this before. (likeamilliontimesjenny!)

there are legit reasons for this.

the number 1 reason is not seeing faces across from you and number 2,  knocking shit over to reach for the potatoes.

this goes for tall candles too. 

basically i think flowers are essential but i think you should keep it simple and low profile. 

whatever you do DON'T get a premixed bouquet that screams "I AM THANKSGIVING" unless you plan on breaking that shit up and placing them in separate receptacles.

there's nothing wrong with a mixed bouquet but it should be unpredictable and maybe not rust, red and yellow. 


here are a few examples of flowers done right and almost right...

certainly autumnal in hue but that bit of pink and washed out melon keep it unpredictable.

also, i get this is big.

bigger than should be on a table.

but glorious on a buffet or in an entry to greet your homies.


definitely too big for the table. 

try reaching around that drapey shit for the salt.

that said, it is rather beautiful and therefore i say do this on a smaller scale. 



with the right table setting a few of these down the center would be so moody and just right.

i picture an indigo table cloth in linen, lots of pinot noir, a gold wishbone and poetry readings.


kinda perfect.

a few ranunculus and some leafy shit.



ranunculus, no leafy shit.

still perfect.


also perfect.

dahlias and seeded things.

in a milk glass. 



settle down flowers. 

please do not put this on your table. 

yes, it's beautiful and magical and artistic and i would love it if i saw this in a foyer taking center stage like the princess it is, but it has no place next to the stuffing. 


i'm torn on this one. 

i like the tea tins as vases idea and the flowers are beautiful.

but i feel like this has a lot going on.

it looks like a flower beauty pageant.

anemone wins.


maybe take a few species away to the bathroom. 


ranunculus and dahlias?!

don't mind if i do. 

this is as big as you should go on the table. 

keep those flower stems cut short.

the less stem we see the better. 


cabbages as flowers are way cool. 

cut those stems down and put them in a lower profile vase and you have a winner.

gorgeous color, super appropriate and affordable. 


good lessons here today people.


i have no idea what flowers i will choose yet, but i DO know that they will reflect this post.

and my wallet. 


tomorrow we talk table settings.